UIC Child and Family Development Center
State-Of-The-Art Early Intervention Services in an Urban Community

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IDEAs that Work, U.S. Office of Special Education

Welcome to the UIC Child & Family Development Center (CFDC).

This website is a resource for professionals, caregivers, and family members who want to learn more about early education, care, and development. CFDC is home to programs and professionals who work with and on behalf of young children with and without disabilities and their families. Making a difference in the lives of young children and their families is what CFDC is all about.

The Child & Family Development Center (CFDC) is an interdisciplinary public service and research Center located on the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago. The primary goal of CFDC is to promote positive outcomes for young children and their families. We address this goal by working concurrently in the areas of community service, research, and professional development to:

  • Deliver high quality, early intervention services to young children with disabilities and their families;
  • Build an interdisciplinary science of child health, learning, and behavior;
  • Advance our understanding of how to effectively address learning and performance disparities;
  • Apply research findings to the development of innovative, evidence-based models and practices; and
  • Prepare aspiring and practicing professionals to make evidence-based decisions that improve services and supports to young children with disabilities and their families

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